Olympic Swimming and Betting

Betting is now a part of sporting events, with many online betting sites accepting bets on a variety of sports. Swimming is no different, and you can place a bet on any swimmer you fancy to win a given race, or even try to name the first three finishers.

It can be difficult to predict winners, but in swimming many of the competitors do actually perform according to their form, so if they are known to be medal winners and record breakers, then there is a good chance that they are going to win the race they’re in. It is very easy for those who want to place a bet at an Australian Betting Provider to carry out some research, finding out how each swimmer has fared in the season so far. However, there are a few factors that can be taken into consideration.

Remember that reputation is not everything. If the only time you take notice of a swimmer is at the Olympic Games, keep in mind that a lot can happen in the four ensuing years. So when you come to place a bet on the next Olympics you need to do your research carefully. There are a lot of factors that can affect the outcome of a swim meeting.

Make sure you understand how the sport works. Some people make the mistake of just placing bets without understanding the sport or finding out about the swimmers. Find out about the different styles and distances, changing in training techniques, additional funding and training facilities that are available to the competitors, and anything else that may have an impact on the way the athletes perform.

Check out the different events that the swimmers are taking part in. Just because a popular and successful swimmer is taking part in one race does not mean that this is their favourite event, and they may not be as successful in an event if they prefer a different distance. The swim stroke can also make a difference, someone used to swimming backstroke may not be competent at the butterfly, for example.

Take a look at the workload of the athlete as well. Some swimmers struggle if they have taken part in a number of different swimming meetings in the few months before a major competition. It is almost impossible for people to take part in competitions one after another without feeling fatigued.

Consider the performance of the favourites when you are considering your bet. While some sports produce new stars on a regular basis, upsetting the old favourites, this will not always be the case in swimming. Start with the favourites and then look at the rest of the field. Have any of the others started to look as though they might be worth watching?

You can also consider the swimmer’s popularity with the public. When events such as the Olympics take place, the coverage given to star athletes can be sensationalised and might cloud the judgement of those placing a bet. It can be difficult to get past the publicity, so you need to be able to think about how much that publicity might affect your choice when you are placing a bet. Others might not be able to get past it and this will affect how they place their bet, affecting the betting odds.